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Attend Pretrial Conferences

There are still plenty of Judges who like “in person” conferences versus conducting them via a conference call. Do you want to drive in excess of 100 miles just to attend a 10-15 minute conference simply to set discovery deadlines? I can do that for you.

Take Depositions

Over my 26 plus years in practice, I have taken hundreds of depositions ranging from Plaintiffs to Defendants, witnesses to accidents, police officers as well as causation and medical experts. You are in good hands by allowing me to secure depositions for you.

Attend Settlement Conferences

Most Judges do not allow persons “with authority” to attend conferences by phone. This is usually a problem when a Defendant’s insurance representative is located out of state or far from the courthouse. Instead of having someone from an office on the west side of the State spend three hours in a car to get to the conference, allow me to be the “spokesperson” for that insurance representative. I will meet with defense counsel and the insurance representative prior to the conference so goals can be discussed.

Answer Discovery Requests

You know what I’m talking about! Those mind numbing interrogatories that inevitably contain multiple subparts. Before you know it, you have spent hours meeting with the client to answer this discovery. Let me take that burdensome pile of discovery off your desk!

Cover Motions

Just fax or email me your pleading. I will take it from there and immediately report to you the Court’s decision.

Assist with Trial Preparation

Trial is within a month or two. It is time to start thinking about Motions in Limine, purging trial depositions of any unnecessary objections and any other evidentiary matters that need to be cleaned up so you can present a clear and concise case on your client’s behalf to a jury. Let’s sit down, strategize, come up with a plan and get the appropriate motions filed!

Prepare Medical Summaries

You must have a handle on the injured party’s physical and mental injuries in order to zealously represent your client. I have reviewed and summarized hundreds of sets of records in my career. I know what to look for and will provide clear and concise summaries to strengthen your case whether you represent a Plaintiff or a Defendant.

Cover Case Evaluation Hearings

I have practiced for years in Macomb, St. Clair, Lapeer, Sanilac, Huron and Tuscola counties. Trust me. I will know the panel assigned to your case and they will know me. That’s an advantage to you if you typically do not practice in any of these counties, especially those in the Thumb!

2nd Chair at Trial

I have tried several cases in my career and my organizational skills are second to none. I will assist you with reviewing juror questionnaire forms, compiling trial exhibits and making sure your “trial folder/binder” contains all the necessary information so you can optimize results for your client.


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Meet Meghan McGlynn

I began practicing law in 1989 after graduating from the Detroit College of Law and for the next 23 plus years worked exclusively in the field of insurance defense representing policyholders and their insurance companies. I wanted to see what it was like to work on the plaintiff side and did so for approximately three years until I decided to create McGlynn Legal Advantage. During my career as a trial lawyer, I have worked extensively in automobile accident cases, motorcycle accident cases and premises cases. My experience also extends to dog bite claims and wrongful death claims. I have extensive trial experience.

McGlynn Legal Advantage is designed to assist attorneys with those aspects of their docket that they simply do not have time to manage. I can handle those aspects of your docket to help free up your time to focus on the more demanding aspects of your case load. One of the benefits of utilizing my services is the fact that I know the lawyers and judges in several counties in the Thumb area including St. Clair, Lapeer, Sanilac, Huron and Tuscola counties. I also have extensive experience in Macomb County.

I am a past president of the St Clair County Bar Association and sit as a Facilitator and Mediator in those counties listed above. I have been appointed by the State Bar Grievance Administrator to serve as a panelist in St. Clair County and also serve on the Character and Fitness Committee for the State Bar Michigan.


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